Skin Care


Heyyyy Everyone,

Let’s talk about skin care.  I had clear skin majority of my life. I even had clear skin in high school minus an occasional pimple here and there. But lately (for the past 6 years) I have been battling adult acne. I feel like when I got pregnant with my second daughter my hormones went crazy. Mainly my skin. I have been bouncing around from product to product to try to figure something out and nothing is working. I think because I haven’t been consistent with any group of products, because I’m a product junky, that I haven’t seen any results. So, over the weekend, I chose some products that will hopefully help with the situation. Once I am about a month or two in will post to before and after photos. I have also given up the amount of juice and pop that I have been drinking. I am also trying to lay off the fast food and incorporate more fruits and veggies in my diet. I hope that these changes will better my skin and overall health. If you guys have any recommendations or have had experience with this, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. I cannot wait to share my progress with you guys. Until next time my friends.small-hearts-clip-art-8.jpg

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