Hey Everyone,
Sorry, it took me so long for another post. I’ve been trying to figure out a blogging schedule that works with everything that is going on in my world. I have finally figured out one that will work between family and school. I will be posting a new blog post every Monday or Thursday. These seem to be the best days for me. So, feel free to stop by and check those out.
Anywho, what I really wanted to discuss today was Self Care. I’ve been seeing this everywhere for months and months on all social media sites and other blogs. This is something that has been catching my attention lately and I have really been diving into it. I constantly find myself looking up things about self-care and how I can incorporate them into my life. I realized that I do somethings that are considered self-care like doing my hair, nails, and toes. I just thought that was considered maintenance. But there are plenty of other things that I would like to do too.
For instance, Meditation. I have read a lot about the benefits of meditation, especially for your mental state. I am a person you would call a do-er. I am constantly doing things and my mind is always racing and coming up with new things that I “should” be doing. I need to take the time and “Be Still”. I would also like to read more books and less time on my phone, tv, and computer. I want to get back into exercising and journaling like I use to when I was in high school. And I also want to start a gratitude journal. So, I am making a pledge today… Starting October 1st, I will put those things into practice. I will meditate, journal, exercise, read, and start a gratitude journal for the remainder of 2018. I need you guys to hold me to it and to join me if you would like.
What are some of the things you do to practice Self-Care? I would love to hear about them.

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